Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Who is my council member? Who is the mayor-president? How do I contact them?

Information in this post from March 22, 2017 is now out-of-date. However, the Lafayette Chapter of the League of Women Voters provides contact information for all of our City and Parish Councils through their website. Click HERE to visit the Lafayette LWV's local government website.


Lafayette City-Parish Council

Do you know your Lafayette Parish Council district number and your council member's name? If not, the city-parish makes it easy to find out. Follow this link to the Lafayette Parish Council web site and click on Council Districts map or to find your Council Member

Once you know your district number, you can find contact information from the Clerk of Council handout shown here 

Mayor-president Joel Robideaux
Now, how about our mayor-president? Our current mayor-president is Joel Robideaux, His contact information from his LCG web site is:
Phone: (337) 291-8300
Mailing Address: PO Box 4017-C, Lafayette, LA 70502

When you do meet, phone, write, or email our civic leaders, I suggest that you start the exchange on a positive note. Thank them sincerely for their time and/or service to the community. Perhaps mention other areas where their support has helped you or the community. Then, ask for their help and support on the specific issue that led to you contacting them. Even when you do not succeed in getting their support, you may at least soften their opposition by showing that you have well thought out ideas.

If you do contact our leaders, and if you choose to share your experience, please tell us about it in a comment to this post.


Congressman Clay Higgins can be reached at his local office at 337-849-1662, and by email at His government web page is and Facebook page is

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