Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Public meetings announced on the LRX: An alternative to the I-49 Connector?

The Lafayette Regional Xpressway, LRX, is a western interstate bypass planned to go west of Lafayette. The Lafayette Metropolitan Expressway Commission has invited you to two Public Meetings with the same open-house meeting format in two locations:

The Daily Journal of Commerce, Louisiana and Mississippi reported on July 5 last year that "it's been roughly five years since any significant public discussion of the project" and "the commission had paused planning for the bypass so as not to compete for attention with the proposed Interstate 49 Connector (emphasis added)." Work and appropriations for the LRX have been continuing, however. In January 2016 an agency meeting reported progress on the EIS and tentative selection of a preferred alternative route. 

Finally after this long delay, the public will be allowed to see what secret progress has been made over the years on this alternative routing for I-49! As always, DOTD will tell us again that "this is not an alternative I-49 route," but I think it is abundantly clear that only one, if any, of these interstate projects will be funded over the next 50 years.