Wednesday, June 7, 2017

LRX June 2017 Open House Handouts

Last night, June 6, 2017, I attended the LRX open house public meeting at the East Regional Library in Youngsville. This evening from 5:30 to 7:30 there is a second meeting with the same format and materials being held at the  Scott City Hall, 109 Lions Club Road, Scott. This very short post is written to give tonight's attendees a heads up about what to expect, and also gives everyone not attending a bit of information.

See my Google Drive folder for this
and other handouts.
The open house format of the meeting means you may expect to take 20 minutes to an hour looking at posters and speaking one-on-one with staff from HNTB about the project that they are contracted to lead. I learned that they are doing the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for the project in "tiers." They plan to complete the Tier 1 EIS in December.

There were 3 handouts provided at the meeting

  1. A double sided sheet with general information
  2. An LRX Project Area and Corridor Alternatives map
  3. A comment sheet and questionnaire
The questionnaire/comment sheet can be turned in at the meeting, or sent later by mail or email. I plan to scan and email mine so that I keep a copy for my records. You can download copies of the handouts from my Google Drive folder.

No deadline was given for submitting comments, but I assume they should be sent expeditiously. 

Finally, they stated that all meeting materials would be available on their web page, Lafayette Metropolitan Expressway Commission, after the second meeting.