Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Citizens comment on the environment, energy, ethics, and other topics - June 20, 2017, Lafayette City/Parish Council

The Lafayette Consolidated Government Council meetings are open to the public, and citizens may make comments within the scope of each agenda item. Furthermore, 5 minute comments on any subject are taken monthly at the second monthly meeting. This month, June 2017, eight citizens brought issues before the Council (click for video of all comments) during the June open comment period.

The following is a list of speakers and the subject of their comments. Links in the list will take you directly to the start of each citizen's comment.
  1. Simon Mahan - good government, and making it easier for citizens to participate and comment
  2. Michael Waldon - the Chicot Aquifer, contamination of Lafayette's drinking water source, and contamination at Lafayette's abandoned UPRR railyard, and citizen recommendations letter
  3.  Kim Goodell - Civic duty, Watermark Alliance, Chicot Aquifer protection including wellhead protection, an update on the ongoing lawsuit concerning railyard contamination, and citizen recommendation letter
  4. Andrew Hebert - the conflict of interest inherent in our city/parish council districts
  5. Kasandra Ford - Renewable energy, Chicot Aquifer protection, drinking water testing, railyard contamination, risks from I-49 Connector plan, and Indivisible Acadiana
  6. Matthew Isaac - Protection of the Chicot Aquifer, drinking water testing, railyard contamination, and citizen recommendations
  7. Dennis Sullivan - Opposition to the I-49 Connector plan, the LRX
  8. Lillian Espinosa-Gala - Electric vehicle charging stations in Lafayette, noise and fumes from the I-49 Connector, the LRX, and hurricane evacuation from Port Fourchon to Houston
Next month open comments should be scheduled during the July 25, 2017 meeting, and we hope that some of the issues brought forward this month will be addressed by Council members at that time. Immediately following that July 25 meeting, the Council will initiate their budget review process which should lead to significant citizen comment.

Video of the entire 3 hour meeting which was recorded by the Acadiana Open Channel Community Media may be viewed at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/104993499
A pdf file of the meeting agenda is available here.

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