Saturday, May 7, 2016

Health Impacts Near Interstate Highways: More Connector impacts not considered in EIS

Lafayette Connector Conceptual Image

New research shows a link between heart and lung impairment and living near an interstate highway. This research further brings into question the propriety of promoting public use of areas in the vicinity of an interstate. A news report describing these findings was published in the Boston Globe on April 14, 2016. Follow this link to read the story

These findings bring starkly into question the Lafayette Connector Conceptual Design as displayed in their cover photo (above). Promoting pedestrian use, concerts, parks, playgrounds, and other recreational uses under and surrounding the elevated interstate is ill-advised if such activities may increase health risks. Indeed, the social justice of new urban interstate construction is questionable when findings show that residents living near interstates suffer health risks not shared by the rest of the community. Future use of downtown venues for public festivals and concerts will be jeopardized by the Connector.

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